Time, Writing & Obnoxious Parrots

  1. Finding time to write can be tricky.
  2. Finding the motivation to write can be hard.
  3. Drinking enough tea to ensure one is conscious enough in order to write can be taxing.

ULTIMATELY, finding time to write can be like dodging flying arrows, hiding from messenger pigeons and crawling through mud all at the same time.

BUT, it’s worth it.

Each and every evening, at around eight o’clock (my official writing time) I find myself staring at the clock, scrolling through social media apps and finding any excuse not to do writing EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I’ll enjoy every moment of the process once I get started. I have no idea why I do this EVERY night, but I do and it’s almost become part of my ritual of getting my bum in the chair!  …and I do, eventually, get my bum tucked neatly under that laptop.

I do EVENTUALLY start reading a few paragraphs or chapters and I do EVENTUALLY start typing one letter after another to form words, but sometimes I wish I had an extremely loud, obnoxious parrot who would kick start me into doing it a lot quicker than I do!

This is who I have instead.


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