~ Saving Death ~


IMG_5133 2

Two tortured souls.
One unthinkable love. 

Ava is already trying to navigate the dark depths of grief when she meets a curious stranger who knows too much.

In a desperate need to feel anything other than pain, she is drawn to him, intrigued by the rush he invokes in her.

Soon, she finds herself hurled into a shattered world of dangerous emotions, black magic and primal loyalties; and it is here that she begins to unlock truths that might have been better left alone.



“SAVING DEATH is a heart-pounding romance you’ll love curling up with on a dark, chilly night!” – Lorie Langdon, author of the Doon Series and Olivia Twist.  

“This book takes you on a journey, through twists and turns. I adore this world.” – BenjaminOfTomes, BookTuber.

“The feelings I have at the end of this book are the way I want to feel after finishing every book I read: curious, shocked, and NEEDING more.” – Savanna, Goodreads.

“Saving Death is similar to Twilight only in the most basic of premises. It is in fact So Much More.” – Melissa, Goodreads.

“It made me read “one more chapter” over and over again.” – Janine, Goodreads.


~ Living Death ~


The sequel to ‘Saving Death’.

Currently seeking a publisher for this title.

Can’t wait to find out what happens to Ava and Sam? Go to Wattpad to read a sample.




~ Project Gargon ~



Currently a work in progress. Follow the hashtag #ProjectGargon on Twitter and Instagram for updates! 

Can’t wait? Want a pre-edit preview? Come and meet my beautifully dark Gargons over at Wattpad

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